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Student Movers are your local Vancouver professional movers. Give us a call at (604) 800-3308 for a free estimate or click here.

We are a licensed and insured Vancouver moving company that has been in business since 2008.

We are based in Vancouver but run trucks all over BC and into Alberta. Whether you are looking for movers in Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops or movers in Edmonton, Student Movers can help.

Get your move started on the right truck. Give us a call at 604-800-3308.

What’s your schedule like? What are some of the concerns you might have? What are some things our crew should know beforehand? Have you done some of the packing yourself? Do you have any pets?

We want to make this as stress free as possible so we can get back to what is really important:

Fighting over who’s fault it was that we lost to Calgary!

Who are we?

We have been serving the greater Vancouver region for 5 years. Our trucks are insured, our workers professional, and our equipment well kept.

Our Rates?

Depends on whether it is the beginning/middle/end of the month. We will not low-ball you on the front end. We also don’t surprise you with hidden fees. We have a bill of lading that you are free to see at any time. We believe in fairness. And we know you do too.

Our commitment?

Your invaluables are just that. Whether it is your children’s toys, your old love letters or your work portfolio.

We believe in fairy tales: that there is a happily ever after for your move.

Are all our workers students?

No. We try and hire students to the extent that is possible. Our commitment is to professionalism, industry standards and safety.

Are we a franchise?

No. We strategically partner with other carriers that we have personal relationships with. Full disclosure: people we have known for years. We are not a big business. We will always work to your best interest and be clear if we need to use a storage facility belonging to another company.

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Thank you Student Movers for making our family’s move easy and enjoyable.  Your staff were hard-working and professional, and also very friendly and courteous.  We will call you again!

– Mary A., Vancouver